Dylon Hand Fabric Dye Sachet 50g - Forest Green
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Dylon Hand Fabric Dye Sachet 50g - Forest Green

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DYLON Fabric Dyes for hand use are ideal for tiny items such as shorts, vests, or socks, as well as delicate fabrics such as wool and silk that need not to be washed in machine.

DYLON Fabric Dyes are a quick and easy method to add colour and personalise your home and clothes. With DYLON, you have access to all of the world's colours, from brilliant and gorgeous to rich and powerful tones.

These hand-dyed fabric dyes are ideal for little items such as shorts, vests, gloves, and scarves, as well as delicate fabrics such as wool and silk that should not be washed.

Colour effects that are flawless, long-lasting and dramatic.

The colouring process with DYLON consumes 60 litres of water after three warm wash cycles. A single pair of new jeans uses approximately 8000 gallons of water, largely for the cultivation of cotton and irrigation of the fields.


  •  With 19 strong colours, you may let your imagination run wild.
  •  Permanently colours a wide range of cloths.
  •  Make one-of-a-kind goods or repurpose old ones.
  •  Up to 250g of fabric (full shade) can be dyed with 250g of salt required.
  •  Ideal for fragile textiles and crafts.
  •  If you wish to transition from one strong colour to another or obtain a lighter colour, use with Pre-Dye.

Usage instructions

  •  Weigh the fabric after it has been completely washed and left moist. Dissolve the dye in 500ml warm water while wearing rubber gloves.
  •  Fill a bowl or stainless-steel sink halfway with warm water (40 Degree C). Add   250g (10tbsp) of salt to the mixture.
  •  Stir in the dye thoroughly. Submerge the fabric in the water for 15 minutes   while stirring it. After that, stir every 45 minutes.
  •  Before washing in warm water, rinse the fabric in cold water.
  •  Before using, always read the whole instruction manual.

Suitable Fabric type

Cotton, linen, and viscose are excellent dyeing fabrics. A lighter shade of colour can be achieved by combining synthetics with cotton, linen, and viscose, as well as delicate materials (wool and silk). Fabrics with special treatments (weatherproofing or file retardant) and pure synthetics will not dye.

One sachet is enough to dye 250g of fabric to the full shade or up to 500g of fabric to lighter shades. Use multiple packs to dye larger quantities.

Weight Guidance

  •  Shirt: 250g (Approx)
  •  Jeans: 600g(Approx)
  •  Bath towel: 600g(Approx)
  •  Double sheet: 600g(Approx)
  •  Double duvet cover: 1.2kg(Approx)
  •  Pair of curtains: 2kg(Approx)