The Best Woven Fabric for Furniture

Hessian fabric is available in a variety of lengths and widths and is used and loved by designers, gardeners & upholsterers alike. 

Its coarse texture makes it ideal for various home-makeover projects including curtains and sofa pillow covers. Its incredible durability and moisture retention make hessian material highly versatile; even for outdoor applications, whether used as an eco-friendly bagging option for grain harvests or as a landscaping barrier to prevent erosion on riverbanks.

At Pound a Metre, you can find a roll of hessian fabric available by the metre so you can get the exact amount you need without worrying it's not enough. 

Save money on Hessian fabric

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Frequently Asked Question

Simply speaking, hessian and burlap fabric are the same - the only difference is the origin; burlap is more commonly used in America and Canada, whereas hessian is more commonly used in Europe.