Organza is a type of lightweight plain weave fabric. This type of fabric is sheer, which means that it is woven in an extremely low density that results in a transparent and relatively flimsy textile. Due to its transparency and high breathability, organza fabric is commonly used to make garments that overlay thicker types of apparel, and it is also occasionally used to make a variety of different types of household textiles.

Organza Fabrics (6)

3FOR5 Silver Diamante on Organza- 'Lilac' 50" Wide


3FOR5 Gold Diamante on Organza - Variations Available, 50" Wide


10 Metre Organza Fabric Bundle


3FOR5 Organza 'Embroidery Rose' 60" Wide


Crystal Sparkle Organza Fabric- 44" Wide 6 Colours


Embroidered Bridal Organza , Natural Design 60" - Gold