Making Patchwork Easy

Made from high-quality and durable material, iron-on patches are great to add as motifs for clothes, bags or for crafts. With fun designs available, and easy to add to your fabrics they're the perfect choice for a stamp of fun. 

Great Designs at Great Prices

With a wide variety of iron-on motifs at great prices, shop our selection to get started on your projects today! Why not browse our selection of £1 fabrics to match your motifs too!


Do Iron On Motifs Work On Any Fabric? 

Iron-on motifs generally work best on cotton, polyester and cotton polyester blends. This makes iron-on motifs for clothes the most common option.

How Do You Iron On Motifs?

To make sure it really sticks, place your iron on the cloth part of the motif and make sure to apply firm pressure for around 30 seconds. After this allow the patch to cool, turn your fabric or garment inside out and iron the area behind the patch whilst again applying pressure for 30 seconds.