Stunning pure silk fabric by the metre. 

Of all the types of fabric available, silk is the one that needs no introduction. For centuries, silk has been associated with kings, queens and the aristocracy. It’s a completely natural fabric, and of nature’s strongest, most durable and breathable fibres too. But what really continues to amaze sewists is the drape and ‘shine’ of pure silk. 

Silk is also cosy and has excellent insulation properties, making it the ideal choice for all types of clothes no matter the season. 

Predictably, silk remains one of the most popular fabrics used in high-end fashion and in upholstery. Some of the silk by the metre fabrics here are the very same type of designer fabrics that have been used by popular designer brands you’ve almost certainly heard of.    

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Silk is a very rewarding fabric to work with, and is ideal for making your own versatile, comfortable, practical and inherently beautiful own clothing and upholstery projects. Its smooth surface may be challenging for beginners, but there are few things more rewarding in sewing than working with silk.