Wool is a type of fiber that is obtained from sheep and some other animals ... First woven wool garments date from 400BC to 300BC. At about the same time woolly-sheep came to Europe from the Near East. In the beginning, wool was plucked from the sheep by hand or by bronze combs.

Wool (6)

Smyrna/Wool Needles: No.14-18: 2 Pieces


3FOR10 - 'Check Suiting Wool Look ' 55" Wide


3FOR12 Premium Wool Effect Fabric 60" Wide Brown & Cream


3FOR10 Wool Blend Fabric - 'Reversible Polka' 57" Wide Brown & Cream


3FOR12 Premium Wool Blend Chequered Effect Boucle Fabric 60" Wide Pink & Black


5kg Wool Blend Hessian Remnant Box