Get ready to dazzle with luxury sequin fabric. 

Add some shine and eye-catching shimmer to your wardrobe with our collection of sequined material. Sequin fabric is the perfect way to add a little extravagance to your wardrobe. Either by embellishing a handbag or shoes, or by creating your own kinds of evening (and even wedding) wear from scratch. 

Sequins are often added either entirely to an item of clothing or upholstery, or added only to a small part to add distinctive patterns and sections. 

They come available in various different shapes, sizes, and iridescent hues which can dramatically alter the visual appearance and textures of the item that it is your making. So be sure to read the product descriptions of each item you like the look of, so that you can get the qualities that you desire. . 


Sequin fabrics are easy to work with. 

They can even be arranged into intricate patterns based off of the different colours that are available. 

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