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Quality corduroy fabrics online. 

Corduroy material has a distinctive to it — some would describe the texture as ‘elegant’. And so it’s no surprise to see it has enjoyed a surge in popularity over the years. It is often used to add a touch of sophistication to a project, in addition to adding layers of comfort and warmth. 

With corduroy fabrics, you can craft beautiful thick trousers, coats, sweaters — looking both dressed up and comfortable at the same time. While corduroy fabric for upholstery projects may include cushions, pillows, headboards, sofas, chairs and footstools. 


Buy corduroy fabric in many different thicknesses. 

A distinctive feature of corduroy is that it has thick vertical wales or ‘ridges’ per inch that run the length of the fabric. The number of wales per inch indicates how thick and dense the fabric is.

The higher the number of wales per inch, the finer or more thinner the fabric is. For example, a material that is 21 wale will be more lightweight and so more suitable to moderate temperatures, than say 14 wale corduroy. Make sure to read the product descriptions more closely to choose the thickness that you’ll feel is right for what it is you are sewing. 

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