Introducing the Best Fabric Panels for Quilting, Cushion-Making & Patchwork

Whether you're an experienced designer or a patchwork novice, our fabric panels are the ultimate addition to any project. So if you're looking for quality quilting panels at affordable prices, Pound a Metre is the place for you. 

Looking for more creative inspiration? Our fabric panels for quilting and patchwork projects are available in various colours, patterns and motifs

With low-cost fabric panels, you can sew your heart out on various craft projects such as quilting, clothing, cushion making and wall art.

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Quilt Fabric Panels & Other Materials 

Quilting panels are used by designers and everyday crafters to create beautiful blankets, cushions, clothing and more. 

Highly adaptable and affordable, our wide range of low-cost fabric panels helps bring your vision to life without breaking the bank.

Support your design and craft work with other in-demand, £1 a metre fabrics such as:


Ready to Upgrade Your Patchwork Creations?

Creatives love our vast collection of fabric, sold at competitive prices. Our fabric panels are durable, adaptable and easy to sew. That's why we're the go-to fabric store for designers and anyone looking for affordable, high-quality materials. So shop our entire fabric panel range right here to get started today.