Knitted Jersey Fabric

Our range of knitted jersey fabrics is perfect for creating stunning and versatile garments. Choose from a variety of patterns or bold bright colours to create a look that is uniquely yours. Our fabrics are made from a polyester blend, which makes them both soft and durable. They are also easy to sew, so you can craft the perfect piece in no time.

Great Savings on Jersey Fabrics

Our jersey fabric is affordable, high quality and incredibly versatile. You can find the perfect fabric for your project, no matter what you're looking for. So what are you waiting for? Browse our selection of jersey fabric today and start crafting!


What Kind Of Fabric Is Jersey Fabric?

Knitted jersey fabric is a type of fabric that is made by looping yarns together to create a fabric with a stretchy, smooth surface. In general, the term "jersey fabric" can refer to any type of knitted jersey fabric, regardless of the fibre content.

What Is Jersey Fabric Used For?

Jersey fabric can be used for a number of different projects. It’s especially popular for garments such as jumpers or tops, however, it works great for home textiles such as pillowcases or bedsheets too.