Heavily Discounted Remnant Fabrics Online

At Pound-A-Metre, we stock a large collection of heavily discounted remnants and off-cut fabrics, available in varying colours, patterns & materials, guaranteed to save you a lot of money. 

Need bulk fabric remnants? The jumbo boxes are the perfect choice for you, giving you anywhere up to 30 metres in length of high-quality fabric. 

Unsure of which material you should use? The 1kg bundles give you plenty of creative freedom to play around with different fabrics and styles. 

If you need help finding the right remnants here, check out our full range of fabric bundles, which feature an assortment of many colours and materials.


The Best Upholstery Fabric Remnants 

Our practical and cost-effective fabric remnants collection is the perfect choice for any upholsterer - whether you're a hobbyist, quilter, or simply looking for budget-friendly materials, you can find what you need here today. 

There is nothing wrong with these fabrics - they are simply leftover pieces from larger rolls, available at a fraction of the price you'd traditionally pay. Not only are you saving money, but you're also helping the circular economy! Don't miss out on our fantastic range of remnant fabric on sale at a very low price.


Make great savings today

We run site-wide sales every day, with the latest and greatest deals saving customers a pretty penny or two! Simply check out our £1 fabric range and save up to 90% on your order compared to RRP - hurry though! Once we sell out, we're sold out.

Frequently Asked Question

Our range includes a mix of end-of-bolt & off-cut remnants. End-of-bolt remnants are found left at the end of a roll, whereas off-cut remnants have slight imperfections from the cutting process. 

Both of these are high-quality but sold at a much cheaper price compared to regular fabrics.