Achieve Precision With Fabric Tape Measures & Rulers

Designed with flexibility for you to get the right measurements, our range of fabric tape measures and rulers can adhere to get precise waist, hips and bust measurements for dress fabrics, or for those trickier curves and corners on upholstery projects. Whether you prefer a classic style or one with a bold colour or print, grab your tape measure to complete your sewing kit.

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How do you accurately measure fabric?

For precise fabric measurements, place your fabric flat on a smooth surface, aligning an edge with a straight reference. Run a tape measure along the edge, reading the measurement where the fabric ends. Verify accuracy by measuring from the opposite end. Account for seam and hem allowances in sewing, and mark if necessary before cutting. Consistency and attention to detail ensure precision.

What Measurements Are On A Tape Measure For Sewing?

A fabric tape measure usually provides measurements in inches and centimetres, displaying centimetres on one side and inches on the other. Additionally, it might feature measurements for millimetres and feet.