Crepe is a weaving or fabric treatment method that results in a unique rippling, three-dimensional texture. Garments and other textiles made with crepe fabric are generally delicate and used for ceremonial occasions.

Crepe Fabrics (54)

Textured Crepe Fabric Tiger Print- 60" Wide


Crepe Jacquard Drape Fabric- Pink Blue 60" Wide


Crepe Jersey Fabric 60" Wide


Bubble Crepe Fabric- 60" Wide


Pastel Floral Stiff Crepe Fabric -60" Wide


Basket Weave Crepe Fabric -60" Wide


Peachskin Crepe Polyester Fabric 44" Wide


Poly Crepe Jersey Oriental Floral Gold Foil - 60" Wide


Crepe Georgette Paint Strokes Fabric- 60" Wide