The most commonly used manmade fibres used in school uniform and sportswear are polyester, viscose and acrylic yarns. They all share the characteristics of being, compared to natural fibres, extremely predictable, stable and durable. Polyester is best seen as a manmade alternative to cotton.

School Materials (10)

Soft Brushed Poly-Cotton Drill Fabric- Premium Quality- Navy Blue 60" Wide


Soft Poly Cotton Drill Fabric- Premium Quality- Bottle, Royal, Emerald 60" Wide


100% Cotton Plain Poplin Scrubs Fabric- Premium Quality 14 Colours 44" Wide


Premium Scrubs Poly-Cotton Drill Fabric- 8 Colours 60" Wide NHS Grade


Premium Quality Washed Twill Fabric- Dark Navy 60" Wide


Heavy Polyester Drill Fabric, Premium Quality - Dark Navy 60" Wide


Premium Quality Poly Blend Twill Fabric- Dark Navy 60" Wide


Premium Quality Cotton Blend Twill Fabric- Pistachio Beige 60" Wide