Buy quality terry cloth fabric by the metre. 

Find the colour, print and pattern of terry fabric that’s the most suitable for your sewing project. They’re a great way to make bold sets of home bathroomware or loungewear, bedding and mattress covers — or even cleaning accessories. 

One of the most popular types of terry fabric is ‘French terry fabric’, which is slightly different from regular terry cloth fabrics in that only one side has woven loops, while the other side is smooth. Because of this difference in texture, French terry fabric is similar to knitted jersey fabrics. It is most often used for making hoodies, loungewear, and jumpers. 

Find the right terry fabric for your project. 

Terry fabric comes in a variety of different weights and slightly different textures. So be sure to read the individual product descriptions carefully, in order to choose the one that suits your preferences best. For example, lightweight terry fabric is best for clothing, while the heavier fabrics are better for bathroomware.

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