Stay Warm with Wool Fabric

Find the latest and best deals on wool fabric. From hats, scarves & gloves to blankets, jackets & jumpers, wool is an ideal choice offering both comfort & warmth. Not only is it super soft & luxurious, it's also ready to keep whoever's wrapped up inside feeling as cosy as ever. 

Buy wool fabric by the metre and create warm-cosy clothing to withstand the winter woes. Available in various colours, patterns and bundles, you can find the best wool fabric for your next textiles project when you shop with Pound a Metre. 

If you're looking for added comfort with your winter jackets, check out our range of Silk & Satin fabrics for the perfect lightweight lining.


The Best Wool Fabric for Upholstery

Cherished for centuries due to its endless versatility, wool is an ideal choice for upholstery. Crafted with high-quality fibres, they offer long-standing durability & endless elegance for many furniture pieces. 

Unsure which colour or pattern you want to use? Our variety pack bundles have you covered; hurry though, as it's only whilst stock last.  


Ready to Stock up on Wool Material?

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Frequently Asked Question

Once learnt how to do it, stretching wool fabric will be easy and can be done by anyone. Stretching wool fabric is easy and can be done by anyone once you've learned how to! Start by soaking it in lukewarm water and a mild shampoo or conditioner for 10-30 minutes (depending on thickness). Once soaked, gently squeeze out any excess water until damp. To stretch it, simply pull from the top and bottom until you are happy and let it dry.