Long needles with long eyes specifically used for darning with either wool or cotton.

Yarn darners are particularly suitable for working with wool or coarse threads when preparing larger holes. The best carbon, hardened, tempered steel is used to maximise resistance to corrosion. The tapered and slightly conical points plus a polished body ensure the best penetration into fabrics. The needle eyes are smooth with no snags and protect the thread from damage.

Machine & Hand Needles (17)

Milward No. 90 Jeans Machine Needles 5 Pack


Assorted Sewing Needles Set- 70 Pieces


Milward Special Machine Needles 10 Pack


Milward 70 80 and 90 Gauge Machine Needles 10 Pack


Milward Sewing Machine Needles: Universal: 90/14: 5 Pieces


Milward Sharps Hand Sewing Needles, Steel, Silver, Nos.3-9


Hand Sewing Needles: Long Darners: No.3-9: 6 Pieces


Milward Embroidery/Crewel Hand Sewing Needles, Silver, Nos.3-9


Milward Universal Sewing Machine Needles, Silver, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16


Milward 90 Gauge Machine Needles 5 Pack


Milward Sewing Tapestry and Darning Needles 30 Pack


Milward Wool and Yarn Needles


Milward Beading Needles No.10-13 4 Pack


Milward Assorted Short Darner Hand Sewing Needles 10 Pack Size (1/5)


Milward Hand Sewing Needles: Tapestry: No.24: 6 Pieces


Milward Assorted Short Darner Hand Sewing Needles 6 Pack Size (5/0-1/0)


Smyrna/Wool Needles: No.14-18: 2 Pieces