Timeless, Classic Denim Fabric

Thanks to its great range and versatility, Denim fabric will never go out of style! If you are searching for a blue denim fabric for a classic pair of jeans, updating your jacket or even thinking or crafting something a little more out there, denim is the perfect choice for your vision. With our selection of classic denim and denim-backed suede, you are sure to find the exact fabric for you. 

Affordable Denim Fabric by the Metre

Crafting the perfect piece doesn't have to break the bank. Our range of denim comes at amazing prices whilst also delivering high-quality pieces. Grab your denim fabric by the metre today, with free shipping on all orders over £100. 

Contact us today for any help with sorting the right fabrics for your projects. 


What kind of fabric is denim?

Denim is crafted from a cotton twill fabric that is woven to create its sturdy, durable properties. It is mainly woven with white, indigo or grey yarn. 

Is Denim Good Upholstery Fabric?

Yes! Thanks to its amazing durability and versatility, it's a great option for upholstery pieces. It has strong tear resistance and is long-lasting, so why not upholster your chair or sofa.