Ponte Roma fabric is a doubleknit jersey. That means it’s knitted on a machine with two needlebeds, using a distinctive combination of interlocking and plain knit structures. 

Ponte Roma has a firm knit which holds its shape and is great for covering lumps and bumps. 

As a knitted fabric it doesn’t fray and although it might rumple a little bit if you’re sat on a garment, creases will tend to drop out and won’t be particularly noticeable. That makes it a fabulously-practical fabric for travelling and workwear.

Ponte Roma Jersey (6)

Ponte Roma Jersey With Aztec Print - Black & White 60" Wide


Ponte Roma Jersey With Diamond Print - 60" Wide


Woven Ponte Roma Geometric Blocks- 60" Wide


Woven Ponte Roma Distressed Lines - 48" Wide


Ponte Roma Jersey Crosshatch Print - 60" Wide


3 Metre Ponte Roma Jersey Bundle 'Micro Lines' - 60" Wide